OIL EVO – DOP Canino
5 lt

Eleiva is the extra virgin olive oil that we produce from the olives at Terre di Marfisa.

The town of Farnese lies within the territory where Protected Designation of Origin Canino olive oil is produced. Canino oil is one of the most highly prized varieties of Italian olive oil, and in order to enhance its typical characteristics we have chosen a monoculture of Caninese olives.

Eleiva is an extra virgin olive oil, which means that the olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvest.
We harvest the olives early to increase the peppery flavour and the slight bitterness that is typical of Canino olive oil.

Color verde smeraldo con riflessi dorati

Deciso e robusto, intenso, piccante con leggero retrogusto amaro

Bruschette, grilled meat and cooked and raw vegetables